Electronic commerce, which is commonly written as eCommerce, refers to the trading or facilitating of trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet.

eCommerce relies on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, electronic data interchange (EDI), supply chain management, online transaction processing, Internet marketing, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

The World Wide Web is commonly used in modern electronic commerce for at least one part of the transaction’s life-cycle. Although other technologies, such as e-mail, can be also used.


Why should you get into it today?

eCommerce is expected to grow

According to eMarketer, global eCommerce sales are expected to peak at nearly $2.5 trillion by the end of 2018. The US market is expected to grow by somewhere between 11.6% and 16.5%.  

That means that now is the best time to tap into the world of online sales as emerging markets rapidly enter the eCommerce game. Every day the opportunities increase.

It’s recommended to examine trends when choosing a business model when moving into growth markets. The eCommerce model is an excellent choice for those that are interested in diversifying and expanding, or for entrepreneurs that are looking to start a new business.

The ability to earn as you sleep

In eCommerce, your business can be seen across the entire world, there’s no need of multiple storefronts. You just need a domain name to sell your products globally from anywhere in the world.

You don’t need to have products in stock, because you can drop-ship your goods. Also, marketing, customer support, and accounting can be easily outsourced to international agencies.

Automation is being used more and more in the business process. Therefore, eCommerce has a certain “passive” appeal, because it is possible to earn money as you sleep. Still, in order to expand, business owners should be looking to leverage technology at every turn.

It’s easy to get up and running

Nowadays, there are more tools for eCommerce than ever before, and they’ve gotten a lot better over time. There are plenty of Tools for marketing, optimizing, and tracking your online sales.

Launching your first eCommerce website has now become intuitively straightforward with platforms like Shopify.

There’s the option of offering a wide selection of pre-made design templates, multiple payment methods, easy check-out, and free hosting.

The most challenging part is identifying your ideal product. If you choose a specific line of products, it gets easier to walk through the process.

80% have made a purchase online

80% of world’s population has made an online purchase. As you can imagine, that 80% is only going to increase.

Establishing trust and credibility with leads and customers are key factors as an eCommerce business owner. There are different methods for earning your customers’ trust, like developing an attractive website, having safe and easy payment forms, and displaying good content. All of this, will turn into more leads and sales.

Trust is one of the most important factors of running an eCommerce business.

Why is it so hot?

  • Pizza Hut was one of the first major brands to experiment with online commerce, starting in 1994. (source)
  • 80% of the online population has used the internet to make a purchase, and 50% of the online population has purchased online more than once. (source)
  • 79% of online shoppers desire a tracking option with their delivery. (source)
  • Asia holds the largest number of web purchases, with South Korea at the top of the list. (source)
  • An analysis of the traffic sources of eCommerce stores at Kissmetric reveals that 30.5% of their overall traffic comes from organic searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines. (source)
  • it reveals that around 70% of online shoppers use Tablets and 47% of them use smartphones for their online shopping. (source)
  • Marketing Donut reveals that new visitors spend an average of 2 minutes 31 seconds as compared with 5 minutes 31 seconds by returning visitors. (source)
  • Kissmetrics reveals that less traffic comes to eCommerce stores during the weekends versus weekdays. (source)
  • An article by Feedteck.com reveals that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are among the most popular social media sites that bring more traffic to eCommerce stores versus other social networks. (source)
  • UPS Pulse of Online Shopper 2015 reveals that 84% of online shoppers get help from at least one social media site and read peer reviews before purchasing online. (source)
  • By spending several billion dollars every year, eCommerce has continued its double digit growth. (source)
  • In 2013, retail eCommerce sales amounted to 3.5 billion US dollars and are projected to grow to 14.18 billion US dollars in 2017. (source)
  • Mobile eCommerce will be worth $3.2 trillion in 2017, up from $1.5 trillion in 2013 – a whopping 213% increase. (source)
  • Global eCommerce sales made via mobile device is expected to grow to $638 billion by 2018 according to Goldman Sachs. (source)
  • Apple still dominates mobile eCommerce. iPhone’s share of eCommerce orders was 50.6% and Samsung was 30.5% in Q1 of 2014. (source)
  • Mobile eCommerce will account for 30% of global eCommerce sales by 2018, up from 15% in 2013. (source)
  • 46% of users read reviews and blogs before purchasing online. (source)
  • Blogs influence purchases, 13% said a blog post had inspired a purchase. (source)
  • 84% of online shoppers refer to at least one social media site for recommendations before shopping online. (source)
  • 71% of shoppers believe that they will get a better deal online than in stores. (source)

How does it work?

More and more people are buying online because of convenience and good prices. Online stores can reduce prices because they are able to eliminate costs related to having employees.

In today’s busy world, convenience is key! When someone orders an item online, it can often be at the buyer’s doorstep the next morning.

Quick shopping is part of the successful business model Amazon has used over the years.

Please contact us if the packages below don’t fit the needs of your project.

e-Commerce Packages

Choose one of our 3 main packages as they are or scroll down to see options to customize each package.

Complete Price List


Package 1
$25 Set-Up and $100/month
($125 total due for the first month)
  • Complete business account for: Facebook Business Page
  • Social Media Posting and Monitoring of 1 post per week


Package 2
$75 Set-Up and $300/month
($375 total due for the first month)
  • Complete business accounts for: (3 Platforms)Facebook Business Page, Twitter Business and Instagram Business
  • Social Media Posting and Monitoring of 3 posts per week


Package 3
$125 Set-Up and $500/month
($625 total due for the first month)
  • Complete business accounts for:(5 Platforms) Google+ Business, Facebook Business Page, Twitter Business, Instagram Business, and Pinterest Business (or YouTube)
  • Social Media Posting and Monitoring of 5 posts per week
  • Potential customers and leads added to a *referral list

$25 per platform

Social Media Platform Set-Up: ($25 per platform, includes complete business account setup)
  • Social Media Gmail
  • Google+ Business
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Business
  • Instagram Business
  • Pinterest Business
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Yelp Business
Social Media Posting AND Monitoring:
  • We create weekly content about YOU and also include industry relevant information, photos, links, articles and engaging posts for all accounts.
  • Direct interaction with your followers.
  • We Monitor and report on all conversations and comments.
  • We engage with customers who inquire and add potential leads to your *referral list.
1 posting and monitoring per week = $100/mo. (1 Platform)
2 posts and monitoring per week = $200/mo. (2 Platforms)
3 posts and monitoring per week = $300/mo. (3 Platforms)
4 posts and monitoring per week = $400/mo. (4 Platforms)
5 posts and monitoring per week = $500/mo. (5 Platforms)
6 posts and monitoring per week = $600/mo. (6 Platforms)


Social Media Sharing:
  • Daily/Weekly outreach to attract new followers, potential customers and leads for your business.
  • We share your Facebook page, web site or promotion in many local & active Facebook groups and pages catered to target specific areas in the triangle (based on your preferences)


Referral Package: Connect with those looking for you! (20% *See below)
  • We network using keyword searches to find customers who are already seeking recommendations in your field. These are organic referrals unrelated to the social media efforts already in place.
  • *Referral List: We will keep a record of all referrals where we have shared access, add notes and keep updated on the status of all leads.
  • Pay TMS 20% of your profit that you receive (after expenses) from a paying customer that we generate for you.
  • Amount you charge customers: $_____ 20% profit $_____ = my fee
No contracts. Discontinue monthly service anytime.

All monthly payments due in advance of monthly service. Monthly Fees subject to change.

10% discount for pre-purchasing 6 months any service.
20% discount for pre-purchasing 12 months any service.

Pay monthly on the 1st or 15th

We look forward to teaming up with you to boost your business and career!